National scientifically- educational technological innovation consortium of higher education institutions of mineral resources and fuel and energy complexes (hereinafter “The Consortium”) is a voluntary association of higher education institutions of technical profile that trains specialists for mineral resources, and fuel and energy complexes (hereinafter “Consortium Members”). Consortium members are united by the objectives of current level professional training issues and scientific and technological innovation providence and fuel and energy complexes.

The main purpose of the Consortium is to create a modern and efficient corporate system for the qualified personnel training aimed at performing mineral resources field and fuel and energy complexes related tasks. It is also the development and implementation of innovative projects based on the integration of scientific, educational, and technological innovation capacity of organizations (members of the Consortium), integration of scientific, educational and technological innovation results of Consortium Members into the local business, the establishment of effective innovation systems, and the development of high technology.

Consortium organizes interaction between participants, public authorities and administration, enterprises, institutions and organizations.

The following are the issues that need to be addressed to achieve Consortium goals:

Участники Консорциума